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HIS Hybrid Injection System


Hybrid injection resin WEBAC® HIS is a reaction resin component used for the reinforcement / improvement of cement injections. It is, adjusted to the type of cement used, designed for early strengthening, stabilizing and sealing cement injections also in case of ingress of fl owing water in engineering structures such as tunnels, dams or in mining.


  • Stabilization of foundation pits and tunnel systems 
    • Tunnel face consolidation and pre-injection, especially in front of TBMs, umbrella injection
    • Backfilling of annular gaps in tubbings
    • Fast water stopping and sealing in case of water ingress
    • Replacement of washed-out soil and disintegrated rock mass
  • Ground stabilization
    • Slope stabilization
    • Stabilization of unstable soil areas in earth- and damworks
  • Stabilization measures using anchor systems
  • Filling of cavities and voids
    • Consolidation of karst and unconsolidated rock, gravel and crushed rock layers


  • Reactive component for large-scale cement injections, adjustable to many types of cement
  • Econonomical
  • Fast strength development
  • Suitable for cutting and planing
  • Aquatic and terrestrial environmental compatibility (column experiment)
  • Additional fire load negligible with high cement content


Component A and B are delivered through a 2C pump and premixed in a special mixing head. The premixed material is added to the cement slurry injection stream at the required mixing ratio and is mixed homogeneously in a mixing tube incl. static mixer.
The product’s strength and especially its strength development are largely infl uenced by the effi ciency of the mixing element and the mixing ratio.
Cement slurry can additionally be adjusted by superplasticizer and dispersing agent.